Friday, August 28, 2020

Join Status WhatsApp Group Links

                    STATUS WHATSAPP GROUP     

                                  Welcome back again. INVITE LINKS always feels happy for your valuable presence, today I'm back with another post STATUS. One of the most trending in WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc social media accounts. A boy tries to express his feelings through the melodies or a movie dialogue by the status platform. Any valuable information will be shared through social media status to their friends and family. For birthday wishes also people are using the status platform. Achievements are being shared. Status is used one or the other way by everyone. 

                             So INVITE LINKS thought of being helpful to people by providing WhatsApp group links of all categories. Here we can find musical melodies, raps, powerful dialogues, good quotes, birthday and anniversary wishes, etc. These WhatsApp group links are verified genuine and authentic WhatsApp group links. The following are the WhatsApp group links;


  • Individual chatting, wishes, etc., should be avoided in the group.
  • Don’t share irrelevant forwarded audio, videos, photos, messages, Shayari, or jokes in the group.
  • Announcement of the event of other groups needs approval from Admin before circulation.

  • Any negative comment on religion, community, political party should not be posted because indirectly we may hurt others.

                            If you are not sure about a particular message to be shared in the group,   Just question yourself                     

                       1. Is this relevant?

                       2. Is this necessary
                       3. Is this a good time to post?


CONCLUSIONHope you guys found what you were looking for. In case you want to check out WhatsApp groups in many other categories, you can visit INVITE LINKS to obtain a list of all categories of WhatsApp links available out there. Don’t forget to share your favorite groups amongst your friends so that you can all enjoy together. Feel free to have healthy interactions with other group members. If you want to suggest any groups that we should add to this list, do share the group link in the comments section below and we’ll immediately add it to this list. Or you can submit a new WhatsApp group here.
                             We hope that you liked and found the desired WhatsApp group links posted in the list above. If you found this post helpful, then share this post with your friends, family to help them find groups of their interest, and don't forget to bookmark the page to get more updates. 
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