Thursday, January 14, 2021

Telugu Whatsapp Group Links

Telugu Whatsapp Group Links

                         Hello, Everyone welcomes back to invite links. Today I brought a pack of sweets for you .that is nothing but Telugu what's app group links. yes, this is sweet for you because the Telugu language is the first today we will know some facts about the Telugu language.

About the Telugu language:

1. Telugu Language is known to exist since the Time period 400 BCE.
2. In 2012 Telugu has been voted as the 2nd best script in the world by International Alphabet Association, Korean ranks no 1.
3. Speaking the Telugu Language activates about 72000 neurons in your body, the highest for any Language in the world proven by Science.
4. An ethnic group from Sri Lanka called Sri Lankan Gypsy people mostly speak Telugu.
5. There are many many Telugu communities in Myanmar Just do a Google Search.
6. In the 16th century an Italian Explorer Niccolò de’ Conti found that the words in the Telugu language end with vowels, just like those in Italian, and hence referred to it as “The Italian of the East”.
7. Telugu ranks 3rd by the number of native speakers in India (75 million people), and 15th in the Ethnologue list of most-spoken languages worldwide.
8. Telugu derived from trilingual, as in Trilinga Desa, “the country of the three lingas”. According to a Hindu legend, Shiva descended as a linga on three mountains: Kaleswaram in Nizam, Srisailam in Rayalaseema, and Bhimeswaram in Kostha;
9. Telugu is the only language in the Eastern world, that has every single word ending with a vowel sound.
10. Telugu language has the most number of Saamethalu i.e., idioms and proverbs. so for these reasons, so many Telugu people search for these whats app groups .here we are providing Teluguwhats app group join links. you can get more information about health tips, Telugu famous personalities their activities political parties of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, etc., Telugu what's app group invite links are very useful to the buddies who are searching for Telugu what's app group join links.

Telugu Whatsapp Group Invite Links:

More Links To Be Updated Soon.


                                 Hope you all like this post. if any problem occurring with the joining of the what's app group link or opening of the link then please feel free to share with us. and share these groups with your friends .thank you for visiting our site. keep in touch with us. and till then byeee friends...

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